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Rerum® - The new Superfood for your immunesystem.

What should I know about Rerum?


Dr. Ruggerio is just now coming out with this new product but he does mention it in his YouTube Videos. RERUM IS ONE OF THE NEW SUPPLEMENTS THAT ARE REVOLUTIONISING NATURAL HEALTH

Check YouTube for Dr. Ruggiero's newest videos.

Rerum and Bravo

Published on Mar 6, 2016

Molecular Biologist, Professor Marco Ruggiero MD. PhD. explains using Bravo and Rerum (Natural immunotherapy) for the treatment of cancer, neuro-degenerative diseases, candida, ulcerative collitis and autism. (See a text "cliff notes" version below)

They discuss Dr. Ruggiero’s brand new lab in Arizona where he lives now and states that Rerum is a most advanced tool for immunotherapy for cancer. With this product he mainly deals with stage four patients, not earlier stages. He shows a machine screen which shows Rerum kills cancer cells. It deprives them of blood oxygen and nutrients.

We don't do miracles here; yet, we can help patients labeled “incurable”. We have had success

with patients who have been told told that they have six months to live and often live for more years.

Rerum protocol includes:

  • Bravo

  • Ketogenic diet. (He credits - Otto Warburg

  • Diet stops the growth of cancer.

  • Rerum kills the remaining cancer.

Macrophages kills cancer cells by releasing nitrous oxide, this kills cancer. Rerum kills cancer cells directly. He thinks cancer cells need and use oxygen. He finds that Rerum kills cancer by preventing new blood vessels to grow inside the cancerous area so that it cannot feed nor grow.

Rerum is compatible with all kinds of other therapies including surgery and chemo. Chemo recipes now have improved from more primitive versions. He says he is careful to not have "faith" in Rerum or anything else, rather he just watches the results objectively. He finds that Rerum targets the oncogins, genetic defects promoting cancer.

We all have cancer thru out life. It's only a problem when the cancer overcomes our immune system so that our immune system cannot mark cancer and address it. Assuming patient follows the protocol excellently, the first marker-benefit is to stop the growth with the first weeks of treatment. Then reversal or encapsulation. Once encapsulated, they go from in-operable to operable. Bad cancer goes to benign tumor. The benefit ranges from 10% to 90%. The variability is mostly due to how well patient follows the protocol.

Price of Rerum protocol - can be very very low, if you follow the protocol excellently and are able to change your diet quickly and altogether. He's thinking the cost for supervised Rerum protocol for cancer should be in the thousands of dollars, not tens of thousands of dollars.

How to Use Rerum

Rerum can be injected

  • Into and around the tumor (up to the individual case and the practitioner)

  • Nebulization is his preference for many cancer patients and also for kids

  • Rectal route very good for prostate and liver cancer-tumors

  • Most people in Europe using intravenous delivery. [like chelation]

  • Sublingual drops have an expected benefit of 70% compared to injected

  • Subcutaneous injections would be better than injecting into muscles for skin cancers

It is necessary to monitor the over-stimulation the immune system in some cases.

What does "recover" mean? Which is better, living longer with a big cancer; or, dying sooner with a much-reduced cancer? He prefers living longer with a big cancer. Survival with a good quality of life. Life extension from six months to four year without any additional treatment.

Some people live 25 years with cancer. Dr. Ruggiero’s dad was a radiologist. In1984 his dad, age 61, had six months to live from cancer. His dad went on a strict ketogenic diet and lived to 2006. He died because he broke his femur and died cancer free. This was an inspiration for the remainder of Dr. Ruggiero’s career.

Cancer is not a death sentence. [It's a Choice Point.] Bowel cancer - colorectal cancer on the rise due to junk food. "Nothing can be done for you" is the current point of view of drugs and surgery view.

Q: Which is better Bravo or Rerum?

A: It’s more about what you are willing to do. Rerum is an organic superfood. Bravo too. But he does not intend nor expect using Rerum to be used lifelong. It's a remedy to fight a certain disease for a certain period of time. With both, the goal is to wake up your immune system and change your diet.

Q: Which diseases respond best to Bravo and Rerum?

A: It's more about the whole picture: How are you and your immune system getting along? Are you friends? Are you friends with your microbes? What's the individual case? What's the diet?How strict was the protocol and diet followed?

Dr. Hines says Rerum is 50 times more effective than Goleic. (which is previous version of injectable GcMAF) GcMaf per se does very little per se. It's the glycosaminoglycans that fight cancer most. Nagalese stops immune system marking, stops your own GcMAF from working.

Candida - drugs can kill candida but the root is your immune sys is not keeping candida at bay. Bravo works well to empower your immune system. In only some cases would you need Rerum for Candida. The ketogenic diet is especially good within the protocol with Bravo.

Q: Autism in kids. Is Goleic legal in your country?

A: It’s protein. It's made from human blood.

Q: Do you and your physician both prefer Goleic?

A: Bravo-Rerum solves all the problems of Goleic.


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